Swift Sifter Package

Sift Agent gets flooded with requests daily. We sift in the order that the requests come in. While we do keep in contact with our users to update them on the status of their request, it can take a while for users to receive what they requested.
To avoid the wait time we have created a Swift Sifter Package. With a low monthly fee of $7.99 you become priority.
This means that whenever you visit our website and submit a form your request will be bumped up to the top of our list.


Please proceed with the payment below to complete the payment for your Sift Agent premium package.

Disclaimer: We want our users to know that we do our absolute best to bring to them what it is they requested. Some request may require us to go through a lot of resources and take a lot of time. Though we do stay in contact through the process we don’t guarantee the time that it will take. We also can’t guarantee that we will find exactly what it is you’re looking for. If that is ever the case and we can’t find you what it is your looking for with your approval we can help you find an alternative.