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about Sift Agent

Nobody likes spending countless hours surfing the web or browsing through shopping centers hoping they’ll find whatever it is they’re looking for. We know it can be pretty stressful. Well stress no more, Sift Agent has you covered! We’ve developed a platform that enables our users to complete a quick and easy form to let us know exactly what it is they’re looking for. With the click of a button the form will be sent to us electronically and we’ll get sifting for you right away.

Core services

Submit a request

Complete our quick and easy form using as much detail as possible. Don’t think because it’s too specific we can’t sift it. For example if you’re looking for a blue bowtie with white polka dots for your poodle for under the price of $20 leave it to us to find it for you.

We Analyse It

Once your form has been submitted and received, we analyze it and then the hunt begins A personal Sift Agent will be assigned to your case. Using all the resources possible we’ll do everything in our power to find exactly what it is that you need.

We Help You Get it Done

We get sifting and find you exactly what it is you’re looking for. That spare part for your antique typewriter? The best deal for a 3 year car lease? VIP passes to an upcoming concert? Done, done and done.

Feel free to tip us

Sift Agent services are absolutely complimentary. However, there’s always room for gratuities when you feel there’s been a job well done. Whatever you feel is appropriate is totally fine by us. We sift for the joy of sifting – you can tip if you feel it was worth it!
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Sift for me

Need Sift Agent to help you find something? Simply fill out the form below in as much detail as possible, and we’ll get sifting!
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Disclaimer: We want our users to know that we do our absolute best to bring to them what it is they requested. Some request may require us to go through a lot of resources and take a lot of time. Though we do stay in contact through the process we don’t guarantee the time that it will take. We also can’t guarantee that we will find exactly what it is you’re looking for. If that is ever the case and we can’t find you what it is your looking for with your approval we can help you find an alternative.

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